Monday, October 4, 2010

fall clothing sale::

To purchase: Send me an email { } with the item(s) you would like to purchase. Please include the item number. Also include your zip code so I can calculate shipping.

Payment: I take payments only through PayPal and will send you an invoice with the total, so please be sure to include the email you have listed in your PayPal account.

I will try to update the list as soon as I can when an item has sold.

Thank you for looking!

  1. SOLD::child's wool ear flap hat. new. 17" around, un-stretched. 100% wool. - $5
  2. SOLD::adult wool ear flap hat. in good condition. 20.5" around, un-stretched. 100% wool. - $5
  3. SOLD::flower sleeveless ruffle/pleated top. 100% cotton. worn once, like new. size s (33-34" bust) - $10
  4. vintage cotton camisole. size 36. - $5
  5. washed levi 501 blue jeans. used. 26" waist with straight cut (boy's jeans, would fit around a size 0 or quite small hips). selvedge edge on outside leg seams. button fly. 40.5" length from waist to hem. 10" rise (from crotch to waist at front). - $10
  6. dark blue levi 501 jeans. unworn. 26" waist with straight cut (boy's jeans, would fit around a size 0 or quite small hips). button fly. 38.75" length from waist to hem. 10" rise (from crotch to waist at front). - $10
  7. SOLD::black knit top with cute vintage styled sleeves. size s (34" bust) - $3
  8. SOLD::cotton plaid button-up top. handmade from 1950's pattern. 100% cotton. size s (34" bust) - $5
  9. SOLD::phoebe top (this was made to test the pattern so it doesn't have serged seams nor does it have interfacing.) 100% cotton lawn. size s (34" bust) - $35
  10. SOLD::vintage cotton slip. one of the straps needs to be fixed, otherwise it has never been worn (it was in old-stock condition when i bought it. i washed and dried it.) 100% cotton. size 38 (view 2) - $5
  11. SOLD::wool knit top. handmade (used 1930s pattern for the sleeves). 100% wool. size s (34" bust) - $8
  12. SOLD::navy blue wool flannel pullover. handmade (built-by-wendy sewing pattern). 100% wool (dry clean only). size s (34" bust) - $10
  13. SOLD::the original dorothea dress. this was the first dress i made, but the pattern has gone through many adjustments. this one is more fitted and has little ease in the back. fits more like a vintage fitted dress. size s. 33-34" bust and 26.5-27" waist. hem above knee. ALSO: the buttons will most likely need to be hand sewn in. i attached these with my sewing machine (an experiment) but have since decided to sew all my buttons on by hand. so just keep that in mind. side seam pocket. 100% cotton.(view 2) (view 3) - $15
  14. SOLD::#2 dorothea dress. this is the second test version of the dress pattern and fits just like the "original dorothea dress." made with 100% cotton lawn. each button has been attached by hand. no pockets. (view 2) - $15
  15. SOLD::grey cotton smock with embroidery. elastic neckline and 3/4 sleeves. size s (up to 35" bust) 100% cotton- $5


  1. Anna, the phoebe top please.
    Elizabeth Western

    PS darn it, is missed the dorothea dress. Any more extra hanging around?

  2. hi elizabeth, it is still available, so it's yours!

  3. Wonderful. Thank you.
    You need to send out alerts to my iphone when you are having a "yard sale" (smile) seriously, Im addicted.